How to use AutoFill Passwords with third-party password managers on iPhone and iPad

Passwords saved in iCloud Keychain automatically appear as an autofill option when you’re logging in to an app or website. However, if you use third-party password managers like 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, or something else, then you have to allow filling in details from these apps before you can quickly pop your credentials while logging in.

This tutorial shows you how to enable and use the AutoFill Passwords feature with third-party password manager apps on your iPhone and iPad.

Password autofill options on iPhone showing third-party password manager apps

Enable password autoFill from third-party apps

  1. Open your device Settings and tap Passwords.
  2. Tap Password Options from the top.
  3. Enable the switch for AutoFill Passwords if not already.
  4. Here you will see supported password manager apps in the list, along with iCloud Keychain. Tap to allow your password manager app to use this feature and optionally deselect iCloud Keychain.
AutoFill Passwords from third-party apps on iPhone

Use AutoFill Passwords on iPhone and iPad

When you open an app or website where you must enter your username or email and your password, the AutoFill Passwords feature kicks in.

In some apps, when you open the app and tap to enter your credentials, you should see your password manager app login details right in the QuickType bar at the top of your keyboard. Just tap, and your information will populate right in.

AutoFill Password Instagram iPhone

Other apps may work differently, especially if you keep iCloud Keychain enabled along with your password manager.

For instance, when logging into Microsoft Outlook, tap the Passwords indicator (or a key icon) in the QuickType bar. Then, you will see both iCloud Keychain and your password manager options. Select the one you want, and again, your credentials will pop in.

AutoFill Passwords Options iPhone

The AutoFill Passwords feature gives you a quick and easy way to log in to your favorite social media, shopping, email, and other types of apps that you use with your password manager.

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