The best Apple TV educational apps for adults to continue learning

Knowledge is Power with Apple TV educational apps for adults

We have many reasons for wanting to continue our education as adults. We might want to learn new skills to change our career path. We may want to hone our existing skills for our current job. Or, we might just want to learn more about a topic of interest. Whatever the reason, there are ways to find the classes we want or need, and one convenient way is on Apple TV.

With video lessons in a variety of subjects, you can learn at your own pace right from your living room. Here are some of the best educational apps for adults on Apple TV.

Criteria and features

These are just a few of the things we looked for when creating this list of Apple TV educational apps for adults.

  • Course variety: An app that offers many courses in a variety of subjects helps you cover more ground. You are more likely to find the class you want and even several with different topics that relate to your overall goal.
  • Business and pleasure: Those apps that offer courses for both business and pleasure interests are ideal. For instance, you may take a class in a work category, but come across something else that interests you for your personal life.

LyndaDotCom Apple TV is a popular online learning site and has a handy app for Apple TV too. When you browse through the Library of courses, you can narrow your choices by category. From 3D animation to business to marketing to photography, you can easily find classes in many subjects. notable features:

  • The Weekly Series options let you explore your topic of choice on a routine basis.
  • Learn at your own pace by starting, pausing, and stopping the video courses when needed.
  • New courses, weekly releases, and documentaries are added regularly. offers paid subscriptions that help you make the most out of meeting your educational goals. Since the price tag is a bit high for many, it’s worth it to take a browse through the app and some of the free courses to be sure you’re ready to become a member.

  • Availability: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Roku, desktop, and the web
  • Price: Free with subscription options that give you access to the entire library, personalized recommendations, playlists, device syncing, and more.


Udemy Apple TV

Udemy is another well-known educational site with an app for Apple TV. Explore courses by topics like photography, music, business, development, and marketing. Check out featured classes, browse the library, and sign up for a free account to get additional features.

Udemy notable features:

  • Course previews let you see a quick peek at the class so you can decide if it’s for you.
  • The Wishlist gives you a spot to track courses you may be interested in at a later time.
  • With over 1,200 topics, you’re sure to find a class in your topic of interest.

Udemy is a wonderful educational tool for adults. You can take free courses and also take a look at paid classes, which are quite affordable.

  • Availability: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web
  • Price: Free to download offering both free and paid courses.


Curious Apple TV

Curious is one more educational app you can delve into. You’ll find courses in subjects like aesthetics, music, humanities, work, and S.T.E.M., with many available for free to start.

Curious notable features:

  • For both work and play, Curious has a nice variety of courses.
  • Unique topics and courses are what makes the app stand out. Work on developing a better memory, learn about body language for public speaking, or train yourself in DSLR filmmaking.

Curious has plenty of free content along with paid courses and a subscription option. If you’re looking for an educational app that gives you subjects that range from business to personal interests and also go outside the norm, check it out.

  • Availability: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and the web
  • Price: Free to download offering both free and paid courses.

Wrapping it up

Like the image shows at the top, knowledge is power. Continuing to learn and educate ourselves does not have to stop at any age. So, if you’re interested in expanding your mind, skills, and talents, take a look at one of these great educational apps for your Apple TV.

And, for additional app ideas for the big screen, head to our Apple TV apps section.