The best clock apps for Apple TV

clock apps for apple tv - Ellie

There are a lot of ways to use your Apple TV. From watching movies to playing games to learning a new skill, apps are plentiful per your interest. But, when your Apple TV is sitting idle, a clock is both a useful and attractive display.

If you’re in the market, here are some of the best clock apps for Apple TV.

Criteria and features

These are a few of the things we looked for when creating this list of clock apps for Apple TV.

  • Appearance: If you are putting a clock on your beautiful TV screen, then you obviously want it to look nice.
  • Uniqueness: Some may say a clock is just a clock. So, we looked for those that offer something a little different than just the time.
  • Price: Always an important factor when choosing an app, but for a clock app you shouldn’t have to pay much, if anything.


Wallscape Apple TV

Each time you open Wallscape on your Apple TV you are given a gorgeous image to go along with the time. And for each photo, you can see the location where it was taken.

Wallscape notable features:

  • View your current weather with a symbol and the temperature.
  • The sleep and wake timer turns the screen black in sleep mode and back to normal at the wake time you set.

For an eye-catching photo, your current weather, and of course, a clock, Wallscape is a nice option for your Apple TV.

  • Availability: Apple TV
  • Cost: Free


Ellie Apple TV Ocean

While free is always best, the small price you pay for Ellie is worth it if you want video with your clock rather than a simple background color or static image.

Ellie notable features:

  • Browse through the different scenes from sun to sea to sky to space. There are a variety of options and some with sound.
  • Change the time format from 24-hour to 12-hour with a simple swipe.

Ellie gives you great views and the scenes cover most any taste, mood, or preference. For a clock that brings more to your Apple TV screen, check out Ellie.

  • Availability: Apple TV
  • Cost: $0.99

Clock and Timer

Clock and Timer Apple TV

Clock and Timer for Apple TV is another good option that offers a little more than the rest. The app lets you change four settings and gives you utility features like a timer and stopwatch.

Clock and Timer notable features:

  • Select the local time or a world clock for your display. These options are in addition to the timer and stopwatch.
  • Adjust settings for allowing sleep, showing local time in the corner, showing seconds, or using the 24-hour time format.

Clock and Timer shows a very basic background gradient with your local time and date. But, the added options for the world clock and utilities make up for it if you use them.

  • Availability: Apple TV
  • Cost: Free with a premium upgrade that gives you a city search, analog faces, different backgrounds, and more.

Nixie Time

Nixie Time Apple TV

Giving you the time with nixie tubes is, yep, Nixie Time. For something different in a clock display, this app provides the glowing orange from its wire mesh tubes and a cool reflection of it as well.

Nixie Time notable features:

  • Switch to a 24-hour time format with two clicks.
  • Apply the leading zero to your nixie clock.

While there may not be a bunch of standout features for the Nixie Time app, the display in itself is what makes it unique.

  • Availability: Apple TV
  • Cost: Free


TextClock Apple TV

One more Apple TV clock app that you have to check out is TextClock. This very interesting way to view the time displays it in words instead of numbers.

TextClock notable features:

  • The time is written and the minutes are displayed as dots at the bottom. So, the clock shows the time in five-minute increments and four dots until the next change.
  • Swipe to change the background left or right for the color and up or down for the brightness.

TextClock may not give you the exact time down to minutes and seconds, but the concept is really neat for a different way to tell time.

  • Availability: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad
  • Cost: Free

Tick tock – pick your clock

These five clock apps for Apple TV each offer something the others don’t. But, they are all awesome options. So, there’s sure to be one here for you. Do you already use one of these or are you going to check one out now? Let us know!