iOS 12 beta 6 hands-on video: new and removed wallpapers, tweaked icons & feature changes

iOS 12 beta 6 changes

Apple yesterday released a sixth beta of iOS 12 to its registered developers and public beta testers, coming out about a week after beta 5 released. While people should not expect any major new whiz-bang features to be added to the iOS 12 code that late in the game, we’ve managed to find nearly half a dozen changes in beta 6 that we think you should know about.

iOS 12 beta 6: hands-on video walkthrough

We asked our trusted video editor Harris Craycraft to document on video all of the major changes as well as the little tweaks discovered in the beta 6, here’s what he came up with.

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While beta 6 does not contain major new features like previous betas, that’s expected as we inch closer to iOS 12’s Fall release. Beta 5, however, brought a pair of pretty major capabilities: support for phone calling on HomePod and an unreleased dual-SIM iPhone model (watch Harris’s beta 5 hands-on video to learn more about those features).

iOS 12 beta 6 changes

iOS 12 beta 6 changes

Here’s what our eagle-eyed readers and editors were able to spot so far in beta 6:

Wallpaper changes

  • The beach-themed default iOS 10 wallpaper is no more
  • Sorting of your wallpapers has been adjusted

Home app

  • The two existing wallpapers have been removed from the Home app
  • The new wallpaper options include three different gradients


  • Messages camera has a button in the top-left corner for accessing Photos library
  • Messages camera can now take a photo with the volume up or down button


  • A new splash screen to explain key feature changes


The AirPlay icon on the Lock screen has been tweaked

Known issues

iOS 12 beta 6 is pretty feature-completed and we don’t expect to see any major outward-facing feature changes in subsequent beta releases as Apple’s engineers turn their attention to code and power optimizations. However, a few major issues continue to persist.

Here they are:

  • Siri Shortcuts may sometime show an Open button rather than auto-open the right app
  • The third-generation Apple TV may not work as a HomeKit hub
  • Apple TV 4K might not appear as a HomeKit hub unless setup was completed on an iOS device. This can be fixed by adding the Apple TV to the Home app in Settings → AirPlay → Room.
  • The Settings app might unexpectedly quit when viewing or selecting a voice in the Speech Accessibility options.
  • The Settings app might unexpectedly quit when attempting to open Siri & Search settings if FaceTime, Mail, Maps or Voice Memos have been uninstalled (download the missing apps from App Store to fix the issue).

Wondering about that wallpaper featured in Harris’s video? Download it here!