The best package tracking apps to stay up-to-date on your deliveries

Package tracking apps for iOS

With so much digital shopping these days, keeping track of our packages is almost a daily routine. But, instead of tracking each one on the delivery service website, you can install an app that tracks them for you. Check out these awesome iOS package tracking apps so you never miss your deliveries.

Criteria and features

Here are a couple of the things we looked for when creating this list of package tracking apps for iOS.

  • Multiple delivery service support: Between USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and all the other services, different packages can be delivered by different companies. It’s most convenient to have an app that tracks them all.
  • Delivery status mapping: When you want to see exactly where your package is in the delivery process, this is an ideal feature. See where it is, what time it arrived, what time it departed, and more.
  • Notifications and alerts: You shouldn’t have to check the status of your delivery constantly. So, notifications that let you know when your package is arriving and when it’s been delivered should be a basic part of the app and not an in-app purchase.


Deliveries on iPhone

Deliveries is a true favorite in the package tracking app category. As soon as you copy a tracking number onto your clipboard from an email or website, and then open the app, it detects that you have a new tracking number and pops it right in.

Deliveries notable features:

  • Syncs with iCloud so you can track packages on any Apple device where you install the app.
  • Connects to your calendars letting you see when your deliveries are scheduled to arrive.
  • Detects the delivery service when you enter or paste in the tracking number.

If you don’t mind paying for a package tracking app, then Deliveries is one that’s worth the money. You’re always up to date on where your package is and when it’s arriving with push notifications and an in-app map.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch, and Mac
  • Cost: $4.99


ParcelTrack on iPhone

ParcelTrack is another terrific package tracking app. All of your current deliveries are listed nicely on the main screen with the expected delivery dates. Plus, you can enter both the content of the package and the sender which is convenient if you’re expecting more than one package from the same place.

ParcelTrack notable features:

  • Configurable push notifications for a sound, badge icon, and when your package is out for delivery and has been delivered.
  • An interactive status map lets you tap a location in the delivery process to see it close up on the map.
  • A swipe-to-archive feature allows you to move delivered packages off the main screen and saves them to your archive with a swipe.

ParcelTrack is an awesome free app that gives you the basics it should without in-app purchases. It’s easy to use and you can sign up with your email if you want to back up your packages in the cloud.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web
  • Cost: Free with in-app purchases for extra features like syncing across devices, an email inbox for automatic tracking, and additional push notification options.


17Track on iPhone

One final package tracker you should check out is 17Track. You can enter or paste in up to 10 tracking numbers in one spot. Like the other apps, your deliveries are listed on the main screen so you can see their current locations.

17Track notable features:

  • A built-in barcode and QR scanner lets you easily add tracking if you have those codes.
  • The language translator is helpful for packages from a different country and dialect.
  • Auto-detect for the carrier will identify the delivery service for the tracking numbers you enter.

With notifications, hundreds of delivery services, and an intuitive interface, 17Track is a solid package tracker for your device.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and the web
  • Cost: Free for tracking of 40 numbers with in-app donation options

Wrapping it up

Keeping track of those important package deliveries is much easier with an app for your device. Save time by getting notified of when your packages will be delivered with these great options. Do you use one of these package tracking apps or do you prefer a different one? Let us know!

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