The best Apple TV yoga apps for beginners and beyond

apple tv yoga apps - Yoga Poses and Classes

Your Apple TV is for more than just entertainment. You can use this wonderful device to learn to cook, check the weather, and relax after a long day in the office. So, of course, it can be a great exercise tool as well.

Do you enjoy yoga but don’t have time to make it to class? Or, are you a beginner thinking about starting a new yoga routine? If so, check out these terrific Apple TV yoga apps.

Criteria and features

Here are just a couple of the things we looked for when creating this list of yoga apps for Apple TV.

  • Various levels: Apps that offer classes, sessions, and instructions for beginners as well as those who are advanced let you choose the level that fits you best.
  • Helpful audio: Some yoga apps only give you the visuals. For all levels, hearing the instructor, soothing background sounds, or time remaining for the poses can be much more effective.

Yoga – Poses & Classes

Yoga Poses and Classes for Apple TV

With Yoga – Poses & Classes from VGFIT, you can choose from classes that concentrate on balance, strength, or flexibility. The Apple TV app also gives you over 100 poses that you can follow from one to the next.

Yoga – Poses & Classes notable features:

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes let you pick the level that’s right for you.
  • Visuals and audio help walk you through the poses and how long to hold them.
  • App settings let you pick the breath cycle length and session preview options.

For a simple way to keep up with your routine when you can’t make it to a physical class, Yoga – Poses & Classes is a good choice.

  • Availability: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android
  • CostFree with subscription options for all available workouts

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Yoga Studio for Apple TV

For collections like Beginner Essentials, Yoga for Back Pain, and Sun Salutations, check out Yoga Studio: Mind & Body on your Apple TV. Each collection offers a variety of classes for beginners and above.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body notable features:

  • Filter and sort collection sessions by Ability, Focus, or Duration.
  • Visual and audio instructions are accompanied by soothing background music.
  • Recently Viewed classes let you easily redo your favorite sessions.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body offers a good variety of collections and classes. The background music adds a nice touch to the overall experience.

  • Availability: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Android, and Windows
  • CostFree trials with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription options

YogaiaYogaia App for Apple TV

One more super yoga app for Apple TV is Yogaia. You can select from a variety of free classes such as relaxation, pregnancy, or core, abs, and back. The instructors talk you through the sessions while demonstrating the poses.

Yogaia notable features:

  • Meditation, mindfulness, yoga lectures, and other options are available with a Yogaia membership.
  • The instructors make you feel like you’re right in the room with them. They discuss the benefits while walking you through the easy-to-understand sessions.

Yogaia is a solid yoga app for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. They offer several different membership plans that give you tons of classes, lectures, and more.

  • Availability: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web
  • CostFree with monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription options

Try these Apple TV yoga apps

The nice part about these Apple TV yoga apps is that they offer free options, so you can check them all out. If you decide you really like one, you can then look at their paid plans to keep your flow going. Have you tried any of these yoga apps for Apple TV or would you recommend a different one? Let us know!