The best relaxation apps for Apple TV to help you unwind

Calm Full Screen Apple TV relaxation apps

Everyone uses their Apple TV for different things. Whether it’s watching movies, jamming to music videos, or playing games, that versatile device entertains us. So, when it’s time to relax after a long day, why not pop on an app for that too?

From tranquil sounds to calming scenes, these are the best apps for Apple TV to help you unwind.

Criteria and features

Here are a couple of the things we looked for when creating this list of relaxation apps for Apple TV.

  • Various sounds and scenes: Having an app that lets you pick from different types of sounds and scenes lets you choose based on your mood or preference.
  • Price: While paid apps usually offer more features and options, you shouldn’t have to pay to relax. These apps are all free with in-app purchases only if you want the extras.


Calm Apple TV

Calm is a wonderful relaxation app that offers both sounds and scenes. Choose from options like a mountain lake, sunset beach, or a mystic fountain. The scenes are not stills but moving photos that go nicely with the sounds. Plus, you can put the scene into full-screen mode.

Calm notable features:

  • The mediation series within the app is ideal for those practicing mindfulness.
  • Sleep Stories tell you a tale before bedtime.
  • Music options let you hear tunes instead of sounds and offer attractive photos.

For an app with many sounds and scenes and bonus features to cover all types of relaxation options, Calm is a great choice.

  • Availability: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, and the web
  • CostFree with in-app purchases for the entire Sleep Stories library, guided meditation sessions, and more.


Atmo Apple TV

Atmo is another great app with beautiful scenery. You can choose from a crackling fireplace, soothing river morning, or colorful aquarium for free.

Atmo notable features:

  • Moving, full-screen photos with calming sounds set the scene for relaxation.
  • Additional scenes and sounds like a purring cat or tropical rain are available.

Atmo does not have a ton of extra features as you can see. But, the app doesn’t need them. It’s a simple tool to help you unwind with gorgeous scenes and sounds that match.

  • Availability: Apple TV
  • CostFree with in-app purchases for the additional scenes and sounds.

Free Relaxing Nature Sounds

Free Relaxing Nature Apple TV

With sea waves, October rain, and a calm fireplace, Free Relaxing Nature Sounds is a good addition to your collection of relaxation apps.

Free Relaxing Nature Sounds notable features:

  • The Sleep Timer is perfect for using the app at bedtime. Set for five minutes or up to two hours.
  • The Display Off feature is handy if you only want to hear the sound you choose.
  • One simple pause and play button lets you stop and start the sounds easily.

Free Relaxing Nature Sounds is a terrific free app with no worries of in-app purchases for additional sounds and scenes. You have eight lovely options to pick from.

  • Availability: Apple TV
  • CostFree

Set the scene with relaxation apps

When it’s quiet time in your home, your Apple TV can help you relax and unwind. These apps are great options for doing just that. Do you use one of these apps or do you have a favorite you’d like to recommend? Let us know!