The best funny weather apps for iOS

Funny Weather Apps for iOS

Let’s face it, the weather is what the weather is, right? You want to see the temperature, if it’s going to rain or snow, and what’s coming up for the week so you can make your plans. There are plenty of great weather apps on the App Store that give you all this and more. But, why not add a little flavor to your weather details?

Whether it’s humor, sarcasm, or a mixture of both, a funny weather app makes checking current conditions and forecasts more enjoyable and entertaining. Here are some of the best weather apps that give you a giggle with your weather.

Criteria and features

Here are a couple of the things we looked for when creating this list of funny weather apps for iOS.

  • Humor for all tastes: Not everyone finds the same things funny. So, we looked for weather apps that provide clean humor, sarcasm, and even options for a little profanity if you like.
  • Good weather details: While you may like funny weather apps, they still need to provide the basics for current conditions and forecasts and not just entertainment.

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather iPhone

If you haven’t heard of CARROT Weather, this app gives you a snarky personality with sarcastic comments to go with your current conditions and upcoming weather forecasts.

CARROT Weather notable features:

  • Severe weather alerts let you know when bad conditions are heading your way.
  • Personality settings let you customize how nasty CARROT will be with the comments from professional to overkill that uses profanity, you decide.
  • Bonus features like achievements, time travel, and AR mode give you some great extras.

For solid weather details by the hour or the day along with a terrific sense of humor and fun, check out CARROT Weather. And here’s a tip, make sure you poke the app’s ocular sensor a good few times, CARROT loves that.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, iMessage, and Apple Watch
  • Cost: $4.99 with a Premium Club upgrade to receive Apple Watch complication customization, radar data, half-hour updates, and more.

What The Forecast?!!

What The Forecast iPhone

Where CARROT Weather brings the snarkiness, What The Forecast?!! brings the obnoxiousness, but in a fun way. Get your hourly and daily forecasts with current conditions and a side of sarcasm.

What The Forecast?!! notable features:

  • App backgrounds match the time of year and current conditions for a cool visual.
  • Voice and profanity settings let you choose to see, hear, and get a few curse words with your weather.
  • Multiple location options let you see the weather in other spots as well as your own.

What The Forecast?!! gives you alerts from NOAA, lets you share weather reports with your friends, and provides good weather details with a screen refresh option to keep the silly comments coming.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • Cost: Free with options to remove the ads or obtain more voices with in-app purchases.

The Funny Weather

The Funny Weather iPhone

With less features than the other weather apps here, The Funny Weather is a great option for those who like simplicity.

The Funny Weather notable features:

  • The app background is based on your current temperature for a nice glance at cold, hot, and in between.
  • The profanity setting is a simple one; it’s either on or off. So, try it both ways and see which humor you appreciate more.
  • Multiple location options let you add places you may be visiting along with your current one.

The Funny Weather is a basic weather app with current conditions, an hourly forecast, and what’s coming up for the next seven days. The comments are amusing, sarcastic, and add just the right amount of entertainment when checking your weather.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • Cost: Free with an option to remove the ads and receive more phrases with an in-app purchase.

Get your funny forecasts

Make checking the weather more entertaining with one of these funny weather apps. Do you already use one of these apps or is there a different one that gives you a good laugh?

And, for weather apps specifically for Apple Watch, check out these great options.