Carrot Weather app now offers 12 weather layers, more secret locations

Carrot weather update

The off-its-rocker Carrot Weather app for iPhone is out with another fun-filled update. Carrot Weather 4.7 features redesigned weather maps designs, more secret locations, and other thrills.

Carrot Weather now includes 12 weather layers for its Ultrapremium subscription holders. These include future radar, tropical storms, lightning strikes, visibility, wind speed, snow depth, and more. Additionally, the app serves up 10 new secret location missions. Finally, when sharing, with the update, you can now redact your location and crop the extended forecast from screenshots.

Here are the release notes, meatbags:

It’s pee-contaminated public pool season, meatbags! While you were out having fun in the sun, I was busy building a big update for you.

Weather Maps A complete redesign of my weather map system means you can now use me as a full-fledged storm tracker! You can view future radar, tropical storms, lightning strikes, and 12 other map layers. (Note: Weather map data is very expensive, so some of the new features require an Ultrapremium Club subscription.)

Secret Locations If you’re one of the thousands of meatbags who has pestered me to make new secret locations, you’re in luck: I’ve got 10 more missions for you! And the brand new hint system will make it *slightly* easier to solve my trickiest puzzles.

Forecast Sharing Do you enjoy sharing my hilarious weather reports with your social media pals? Well, I improved that for you, too: now you can redact your location and crop the extended forecast from screenshots. I also added new sharing services, like Instagram!

Of course, my signature feature-packed updates wouldn’t be complete without tons of new dialogue, performance improvements, and bug fixes – so I’ve tossed those in as well.

Thank you for your undying loyalty, meatbags, and be sure to visit the new social media section in my settings screen so you can sign up for my mailing list, follow me on my new Instagram account, and subscribe to my new subreddit!

xoxo, CARROT

The $4.99 Carrot remains one of the most exciting weather apps on the App Store. Get it today.