How to use IFTTT to track App Store apps

IFTTT Setup Screen

IFTTT is convenient app that lets you automate simple to complex tasks. For just some of the things you can do with it, check out our IFTTT section if you are new to the app.

But, if you already take advantage of IFTTT, why not let it help you find the apps or games you want on the App Store? Whether it’s a sale on a game you’ve been waiting for, an update to your favorite email app, or searches for apps in a particular category, you can take care of it automatically with IFTTT’s Applets and here’s how.

Use existing IFTTT Applets

The easiest way to see the IFTTT Applets available for the App Store is to do a search. Either open the app and tap Search from the bottom or if you prefer the IFTTT website, head there and click Search from the top. Type in “App Store” and then when Apple App Store appears, select it.

You will then see about a dozen Applets already created that you can use. Keep in mind that a few of them have the same triggers, but the actions are different. For example, to receive an alert when an app’s price drops, you can choose to get a notification or an email, which is two different Applets.

IFTTT App Store Applets

Here are some of the current Applets you can pick from and use.

  • Get a daily email of the top ten apps that go on sale. Once you enable this Applet, you can select the time of day to receive your daily email and stay on top of the sales.
  • Get a notification when a specific app’s price drops. When you turn on this Applet, just pop in the app’s name or App Store link to get the notification. Then, you’ll never miss a sale on that game or app you’ve been wanting.
  • Get an email when a specific app’s price drops. This works just like the one above except that you receive an email instead of a notification.
  • Search for specific types of apps with a keyword. This Applet is ideal if you are always on the lookout for apps in a certain category like action games, news apps, or device utilities. Enable the Applet, enter your keyword, and then receive your notification.
  • Get an email when a specific app releases a new update. If you pick and choose which apps to update, rather than doing it automatically, this is a good Applet. So, if you are always on the waiting for the next Angry Birds or Spark email updates, as examples, this keeps you in the loop.

How to turn on Applets

Turning on these Applets follows the same process whether you do it on your device or on the website.

1) Select the Applet you want to use and use the slider to turn it On.

2) Add in Applet-specific details (like the time of day, name of the app, or category, as described above)

3) Decide if you would like to receive a notification when the Applet runs and enable the slider if so.

4) Hit Save.

IFTTT Turn On Applet

How to turn off Applets

Turning off Applets is just as easy on your device or the IFTTT site.

1) On the app, tap My Applets from the bottom or online click My Applets from the top.

2) Select the Applet you want to disable.

3) Move the On slider to the left to turn it off. The Applet will then turn gray indicating it’s inactive.


IFTTT Turn Off Applet

Create your own IFTTT Applet

Maybe you like the idea of an Applet to help you find the apps you want on the App Store, but none of the existing ones are quite what you want. You can create your own Applet and it’s simple to do. Even though you will see a lot of steps below, IFTTT prompts you from start to finish, making it easy.

1) On either your mobile app or on the website select My Applets.

2) On the app, tap the plus icon at the top. On the web, click New Applet at the top.

3) When the New Applet screen displays, select “+this.”

4) Either scroll and find the Apple App Store from the options or search for it and select it.

5) On the Choose Trigger screen, make your selection from the options.

6) On the Complete Trigger Fields screen, enter the details. This will be different depending on the trigger you choose.

IFTTT Create Trigger

7) When the next screen displays, select “+that.”

8) On the Choose Action Service screen, either scroll to find the service you want or search for it and select it. This is where you can really customize the Applet to do exactly what you want. Maybe you want to receive an email or a text message, add a reminder to Remember The Milk or Toodledo, or include a note in Evernote or OneNote.

9) The actions you can choose from on the next screen will depend on the service you picked. Choose the one you want to use.

IFTTT Create Action

10) The next screen asks you for details to complete the action you pick. Again, this screen completely depends on the actions you have chosen up to this point. When you finish, hit Create Action.

11) Decide if you would like to receive a notification when the Applet runs and enable the slider if so.

12) Hit Finish.

IFTTT Finish Applet Creation

When you’re all done, you will see the Applet you created and an option to run it immediately by selecting Check Now. From then on, the new Applet will display in the My Applets section where you can disable it or edit it at any time.

Find the apps and games you want

With an app like IFTTT that can automate so many things, it just makes sense to have it help you with your app shopping. Are you going to check out one of these existing Applets or create your own?