Twitter testing: encrypted DMs, quoting tweets with GIFs & Quality Filter in search results

Twitter is testing protecting users’ private messages with end-to-end encryption.

Currently called Secret Conversations, this feature will be optional. According to CNET, the unreleased feature was discovered by accident when University of Massachusetts Dartmouth computer science student Jane Manchun Wong spotted relevant code in an Android Package Kit, which is an .APK file format used to distribute Android apps.

Wong additionally found that Twitter has been testing a pair of other features as well: the ability to quote tweets with GIFs and place a Quality Filter on search results.

Twitter’s Secret Conversations are similar to end-to-end encryption employed in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal. End-to-end encryption ensures that contents of your communications are encrypted on both your own and your recipient(s) device(s), and while in transit, preventing eavesdropping and snooping by governments, hackers or Twitter itself.

After starting a Secret Conversation with someone, you can view both your own and your conversation partner’s encryption keys to verify a secure connection. Encryption scrambles data and only lets a person with the correct encryption keys have access.

Anything Twitter implements that beefs up the security of private messages exchanged directly between users is a win in my book. A Twitter spokesperson declined comment to TechCrunch so it’s unclear how long it might be before the company officially launches this feature.

The company could ultimately choose not to roll it out to everyone.

What do you think about Twitter’s Secret DMs? Is this an important feature to you?

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