Google News is rolling out overhauled, artificially intelligent iPhone app with subscriptions & more

Google I/I, the search giant’s annual developers conference, is currently underway and the search giant just announced a whole new Google News app for iPhone and iPad that takes advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring you the stories you’re most likely to care about.

Based on your designated favorite news sources and past reading history, the app will sort, analyze and organize in real-time and identify news according to storylines, making it easier to follow stories that interest you from multiple perspectives.

This approach means Google News understands the people, places and things involved in a story as it evolves, and connects how they relate to one another, said the firm. A new visual format called newscasts combines a collection of articles, videos and quotes on a single topic.

The For You tab recommends a mix of the most important headlines, local news and the latest developments on the topics you’re interested in (the more you use the app, the better the app gets). To influence recommendations, you can decide to see more or less of a topic or publisher, tell the app about the stories that don’t interest you and more.

The Headlines tab is your unfiltered view of news from around the world, divided in sections like technology, business, sports, entertainment and others.

A Full Coverage feature is also interesting:

With just a tap you’ll see top headlines from different sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, social commentary and a timeline for stories that have played out over time. Having a productive conversation or debate requires everyone to have access to the same information. That’s why content in Full Coverage is the same for everyone—it’s an unpersonalized view of events from a range of trusted news sources.

You can even subscribe to paid publications right from with the new Google News app. The subscription will be tied to your Google account and you can pay with the new Subscribe with Google platform. When you subscribe to a publication, you’ll get access to your paid content on all platforms and devices, from Google News and Google Search to publishers’ own websites.

Plus, the app app includes access to more than 1,000 magazine titles in a mobile-optimized reading format.

The new Google News app will replace the company’s existing Google Play Newsstand apps on mobile and desktop and the Google News & Weather app on mobile.

It will begin rolling out later today and should be available to all users across iOS, Android and the web in 127 countries by next week, the search monster said.

Fun fact: Google News was created 15 years ago.

Apple, too, will remove some of the friction associated with keeping up with the news. It recently allowed customers to ask Siri to read aloud news podcasts from select sources. Moreover, the company is trialing third-party ad serving in Apple News and building support for subscriptions.

But most importantly, Apple will integrate Texture in Apple News. Texture is a digital magazine service operated by Next Issue Media LLC which Apple is buying for an undisclosed sum.

The Cupertino company last month announced a plan to acquire Texture, a digital magazine service operated by Next Issue Media LLC. Texture gave subscribers unlimited access to more than 200 digital magazines for a flat subscription fee of $9.99 per month.

The Windows app was taken down recently following the acquisition deal. An upgraded Apple News app with an all-new subscription offering is expected to launch within the next year.