Official MKBHD wallpapers for iPhone, iPad & desktop vol. 2

In celebration of the MKBHD YouTube channel 6,000,000 subscriber milestone, another official set of crispy wallpapers is featured on the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery! Recently named as Creator of the Decade, Marques released a new line of swag via his online merch store to coincide with his subscriber achievement. Taking key details from the new designs, thanks to the help of @CottonBureau, you will find a full collection of wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop.

MKBHD wallpapers

This new line of swag offers two logo hoodies, fresh t-shirt designs, a sweet dad-hat, and even a set of pocket notebooks. There is a catch. This merch is a limited time offering and, at the time of posting, you will only have another 48-ish hours to place your orders on the site. So, get to clicking your way over there for an order.

To see his t-shirts in action, checkout this recent iPhone 8 Product(RED) unboxing or catch his video swag review. By the way, during the unboxing there is an iDB Wallpaper of the Week Easter egg located on his iMac’s desktop background, released in our vol. 1 MKBHD wallpaper pack, link below.

The Wallpapers of the Week collection is made possible by connecting with me via @jim_gresham. Twitter is where I curate and plan the upcoming wallpaper releases. Send your photo quality images or tips my way and follow along for sneak previews and mid-week downloads!

Download: iPad; iPhone (Plus); iPhone X; desktop 5K

Download: blue chevron iPad; desktop 5K

Download: overprint iPad; desktop 5K

Download: iPad; iPhone (Plus); iPhone X; desktop 5K

Download: iPad; iPhone (Plus); iPhone X; desktop 5K

Download: iPhone (Plus) blue; iPhone X blue; BONUS iPhone X in true black

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