Official MKBHD wallpapers for iPhone, iPad & desktop

MKBHD wallpapers for iphone ipad desktop

This official collaboration with the one and only Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD is a very special, exclusive release for our Wallpapers of the Week collection! You know his prolific crispy tech videos via the MKBHD YouTube channel. What you might not know is that you can score a bunch of sweet swag from his online merch store, like the dope shirt pictured above.

We teamed up with Marques to offer this wallpaper pack inspired by his entire lineup, downloadable for your Apple devices.

MKBHD wallpapers

On the official MKBHD Merch Store, you can see a full collection of t-shirts and even a snap-back baseball cap, complete with a green underbill. The t-shirts are being printed by one of my personally favorite shops, Cotton Bureau. Previously, I ordered a bunch of awesome shirts from them and they are as soft, as they are awesome.

We happen to know that when the MKBHD YouTube channel hits 6,000,000 subscribers, Marques is releasing another full collection of incredible merch…. so stay tuned and subscribe to make that happen sooner (currently 5.9M)!

Until then, you should checkout MKBHD’s swag announcement video:

Inspired by the merch available in his shop, download this entire library of awesome MKBHD wallpapers for all of your favorite devices. From the classic chevron, to the geometric logo, you are sure to find an awesome wall. Those of you rocking an iPhone X or an OLED desktop panel, the black images are true black to ensure, you can “Matte Black Everything.”

Download: iPhone (Plus); iPhone X; iPad; 5k desktop

Download: iPhone (Plus); iPhone X; iPad; 5k desktop

Download: iPhone (Plus); iPhone X; iPad; 5k desktop with logo, 5k without logo

Download: iPhone (Plus); iPhone X; iPad; 5k desktop

Download: 5k desktop white; 5k desktop black; iPad black

Download: MKBHD Logo iPhone (Plus); iPhone X

Download: MKBHD Chevron iPhone (Plus); iPhone X

The entire iDB wallpaper library is curated by me, via @jim_gresham. If you like what you see, follow along for more downloads or send me your images, tips, and wallpaper tricks! Be the first to know if additional, exclusive MKBHD wallpaper packs are coming your way.

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