Sleep Cycle silently nudges you via Apple Watch Taptic Engine when you’re snoring

Sleep Cycle is bringing snore prevention and haptic wake up features to your wrist.

Snoring is a widespread phenomenon, with over a third of the adult population snoring on a more or less regular basis. Common symptoms of snoring include daytime sleepiness, headaches and mood swings.

Sleep Cycle, the popular iPhone alarm clock app crafted by Swedish developer Northcube, got updated Thursday morning with watchOS support. If you own an Apple Watch, feel free to rely on the Sleep Cycle app to wake you up silently in the morning, nudge you via Taptic Engine when you start snoring as well as track your sleeping and waking heart rates.

And thanks to HealthKit support, the app is also your trusted sleep tracker that will log gathered sleep analysis data, such as your sleep duration and quality, in Apple’s Health app.

Aside from these aforementioned features, Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep and gently, gradually wakes you during your lightest sleep phase. Using patented sound analysis technology, the app takes advantage of the built-in microphone and the accelerometer sensor to track movement patterns and determine which sleep phase you’re in.

To snooze, tap your nightdesk twice or pick your iPhone up. The app doesn’t store or send any audio data and it ignores all the other sounds, like fans or your partner moving.

To use Sleep Cycle, download the latest available version from App Store, then install the watchOS component using the companion Watch app on your iPhone (be sure that the Snore Stopper feature is turned on in the iPhone app).

It’s a freemium app with a $29.99 per year subscription and a free 30-day trial.

Subscribing gets you complete sleep monitoring features, including online backup, 15 additional alarm sounds (or music from your library), the ability to measure your snoring, identify changes and progress over time with pretty graphs, improve your sleep by seeing how your lifestyle and local weather affect your sleep, measure and store your waking heart rate every morning, log your morning mood, Runkeeper and Philips Hue integration, and more.

Download Sleep Cycle at no charge from App Store.