The new iPad wallpapers

new ipad wallpapers

The new 9.7-inch iPad is a force to be reckoned with, given its new support for Apple Pencil and upgraded chipset. It really begs the question, is an iPad Pro worth twice the price? For example, if you are looking for an IPS screen, second generation Touch ID, or a True Tone display then you will want to upgrade. However, with pencil support and a great processor, the new iPad will be the device of choice for many more customers. Advertising for the device includes some incredible images, that I assume were created with the Apple Pencil. Naturally, we want them as wallpapers. Look no further.

New iPad wallpapers

iDB fan favorite, AR72014, sent over these wallpapers which he extracted from the Apple Store site. They are extremely colorful and make great wallpapers. The varying hues are attention grabbing and, I think, make excellent Lock screen wallpapers. You can find more from him via @AR72014, where he releases wallpapers, every day. We have a full collection of his work in our own wallpaper gallery.

The following blue images were also advertising wallpapers when the new iPad was first released. I received this wallpaper from @EvgeniyZemelko.

Download: iPhone X; iPhone (Plus)

Download: iPhone X; iPhone (Plus)

Download: iPhone X; iPhone (Plus)

Download: iPhone X; iPhone (Plus)

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