Twitterrific picks up support for tweeting videos, muted accounts, new muffling options & more

Developer The Iconfactory today refreshed its excellent Twitter client, named Twitterrific.

You can now finally use Twitterrific for iPhone, iPad and Mac to attache videos to a tweet, as long as it doesn’t run longer than 140 seconds. Just hit that camera button when composing a tweet to attach a video file (long-tap the button to add media from other sources, like iCloud Drive). You can also drag a video file into the compose sheet or cop/paste it.

Support for Twitter muting synchronizes any user accounts you have muted directly on Twitter so that Twitterrific can remove their tweets from your timelines and stop push notifications from muted users. You can mute or unmute anyone from their user profile.

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New muffling features include the ability to muffle mentions from a specific person or mentions of a specific person, muffle tweets that quote someone specific and avoid seeing retweets from a specific person about someone else.

Here’s an overview of the new features in Twitterrific for iPhone, iPad and Mac:

  • You can now attach videos to your tweets
    • Tap the camera when composing a tweet to select a video from your library
    • Long-press the camera to attach media from other sources like iCloud Drive
    • Drag media from other apps into the compose window or copy/paste it
    • Post a video directly via Twitterrific’s sharing extension
    • Videos must be 140 seconds or shorter
  • Support for Twitter muting
    • Users you have muted on Twitter synchronize with Twitterrific and their tweets are removed from your timeline
    • Muted users do not generate push notifications
    • Mute or unmute a user via their profile
    • All preexisting muted screen names in Muffles are auto upgraded to Twitter mutes
  • Powerful new muffling abilities that include:
    • Defining any muffle rule to apply only for a single user
    • Muffling mentions from a specific person or mentions of a specific person
    • Muffle tweets that quote someone specific
    • Avoid seeing retweets from a specific person about someone else

Other improvements in Twitterrific for iOS include better responsiveness when attaching media to a tweet and chronological ordering in the media picker. Plus, some things have moved around. For instance, the Translate option went from the share sheet to the Actions menu.

On the Mac side, your reading position marker is now updated when closing a timeline. User search results and listings now finally indicate if the user has been muted or blocked.

Both versions allow you to access new rule suggestions from within the Muffle submenu of the Actions menu and provide a shortcut to mute the tweet author in the Action menu.

Now that Twitter has stopped supporting its macOS client, both Twitterrific and TwetBot have become my favorite Twitter client across iPhone, iPad and Mac. For those interested, we wrote extensively about both apps here on iDownloadBlog.

On a related note, The Iconfactory’s awesome Linea Sketch app for iPad also picked up a bunch of new features today that users were craving for, including move and transform selections, a cool ZipLine feature for creating straight lines with ease, the ability to import images, support for portrait orientation and Split View multitasking mode, and more.

This huge Line update is free for existing users of the software. To celebrate the launch of Linea Sketch, you can get it from App Store at 50% off. No in-app purchases or subscriptions are required to get all the great new functionality in version 2.

Today’s updates are available at no charge to existing users of the app.

Twitterrific for iPhone and iPad is a freemium download from App Store.

Twitterrific for Mac is $7.99 on Mac App Store.