Everyone can now buy a Magic Trackpad, Keyboard or Mouse in Space Grey

Apple’s Magic trackpad, keyboard and mouse can now be had in Space Gray standalone.

Previously, these Space Gray-colored accessories only shipped with new iMac Pro purchases though Apple did promise to eventually make them available separately. Magic accessories were originally powered by AA batteries but their current incarnations come with a built-in lithium-ion battery and a Lightning port for charging.

If you’d like to buy a Magic accessory in Space Gray, click its link below:

They’re priced $20 more than their Silver counterparts.

My desktop setup includes a Magic Trackpad 2 and a Magic Keyboard and I couldn’t be happier with them. The trackpad with its larger surface and Force Touch feedback is especially great.

Magic accessories don’t come cheap ($300 for a keyboard and mouse) and are certainly not for everyone. Still, it is my opinion that Magic accessories are priced pretty competitively for the tech they offer against high-end keyboards and mice from Microsoft and other vendors.

Are you planning on getting a Space Gray accessory from Apple? If so, which one?

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