Review: Mujjo’s premium leather iPhone X case and knitted gloves

While I started my days with iDB as a hardware reviewer, recently the Wallpapers of the Week section is where I spend my time. It is rare for me to accept a review from hardware providers, just because of the effort that goes into properly penning an accessory review. However, the Mujjo leather iPhone X case has brought me out of retirement. You may have seen Andrew cover this case in his Epic iPhone X case round up, but I wanted to add some extra words for this great case. 

Mujjo olive green iPhone X case

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The first striking characteristic of the Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone X is the rich olive green color. Now, the case comes in tan, black, and gray, but when Mujjo contacted me and offered the case for review at no charge, I was compelled toward the olive green color. There are plenty of tan and black leather iPhone cases on the market, but the green colorway really appealed to me.

Using high-quality, full-grain leather, the case even smells premium. I really appreciate full-grain leather, given the patina and aging effect your hand oils create over a period of time. Also, spending $1,000+ on a new iPhone, then wrapping it in a low-budget case should be embarrassing. Give your iPhone X the love it deserves.

Inside the case you find a suede liner to ensure you avoid scratches. The exterior protection covers the sleep/wake and volume buttons, while the Lightning port, mute switch and camera have open access. Importantly, the front leather extends 1mm above the screen surface, so your front glass never touches a surface. Similarly, the case is thick enough on the back to just barely protrude beyond the iPhone X’s aggressive camera bump. While the case extends above the camera, it is still slim enough to offer Qi wireless charging compatibility.

My biggest complaint is the fit. It is the snuggest iPhone case I’ve reviewed or used across nine different iPhones. I mean, this is arguably a “pro” but I’m listing it as a “con,” only because it is so tight; you might actually slip up and drop your iPhone trying to cram the two into one another. My first case was so tight, I had them send me another, just to see if I had a defective unit. The first unit was actually produced before the iPhone X came to market and they changed their leather wrapping process for the second unit I received. I’m also not really a fan of the outward embossed “MUJJO” stamp on the backside of the case.

Pro tip: flex the case a little before trying to get your iPhone X into the frame. It is still so tight it will activate the SOS calling feature on the sleep/wake button if you aren’t fast enough. However, once on, it is an advantage to have such a rigidly fitting case. It does particularly well to block out dusk particles from sneaking around the edges and under your device, which would cause scratching.

You can buy the Mujjo case with or without a card slot on the back. If you opt for the card carrying version, you will not be cramming any more than 2 or maybe 3 cards in the back slot. The cardless option starts at $44.95 via Amazon.

Mujjo single layered touchscreen gloves

With the glass front and back of the iPhone X, I am petrified to drop the device, even when using a case. When Mujjo reached out regarding their case, I also inquired about a pair of their single layered touchscreen gloves. I was able to test them out at a below freezing sporting event and they kept my hands quite warm. Most importantly, the rubberized nubs on the palms and fingers made holding my naked iPhone X a fairly secure experience.

The fiber is conductive, meaning you are able to use the capacitative touchscreen on your iPhone, with the gloves on–critical in cold weather. How reactive is the phone? Well, these are not the first touchscreen gloves I have used. I would say they hold up to the normal operating expectations of similar products. I like the gloves are actually woven with the ability to pick up on touch interaction. In contrast, some gloves have little single contact points woven into the tips or actually have a little plastic piece to accomplish screen navigation. This is not the case here.

As long as the gloves are snug against your fingertips, you will have no trouble interacting with you device. You will be interacting with the screen using the “finger print part of your finger” not the tip. I usually use the tip of my finger when gloveless, so you do have to modify your tap-interaction a little bit, just because the glove seam is right at the finger tip.

I like the fashion forward leather strap and magnetic closure. However, with the thickness of my Apple Watch and where my watch sits, it is difficult to get the magnetic closure secured. This would vary by wearer.

Overall, they are a pretty professional looking and definitely help grip the backs of iPhone 8 and X. If you are looking to keep your gloves on, in the cold, and still be able to use your device, give these a shot. The single layer gloves are $29.95 via Amazon.