Epic iPhone X case roundup

After our first epic roundup of over a hundred iPhone X cases, we are back with more. We took some of your suggestions and even found some more unique options to include this time around.

Be sure to check out our video as it is the best way to see all the cases in the lineup. Then read through the list to see if you will find your new favorite case!

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Epic iPhone X case roundup, part II

Element Case

Element Case was a highly requested case after the first roundup.

It is easy to see why as the Formula case for the iPhone X looks fantastic. We have this bright blue option that looks inspired by a race car.

It has a mixture of several different materials including anodized Aluminum and carbon fiber.

It offers great 10-foot drop protection, though I have to admit, the metal sides tend to get a bit cold here in the Ohio winters.


Nodus is another of my favorites that has a couple different form factors.

They have two primary cases, the shell case, as well as the Access case.

The shell case is simplistic with a nice pebbled texture to the outside. What is über convenient is the including of the Nodus mount. It is a small square magnet with 3M adhesive on the back. Inside the case itself, is a removable metal shim. You can leave the shim in and use it with the mount, or you can remove it and use it with a wireless charger.

The Access case has been one of my favorites. It affixes to the back of your iPhone with micro suction, making it easily removable and re-adherable. It is folio style, and has a handle pocket in the front to hold cash, credit cards, an ID, or business cards.

As a side note, I also love their logo.


Mujjo has a lovely minimalist take on the leather case.

They’ve recently released a new color which is a very attractive olive green.

It comes as a snap-on shell case both with and without a pocket for cards.

Another new option is the iPhone X sleeve. It is made out of high quality black leather, and has a pocket on the front for any common wallet items. I kind of like this option because it offers protection for your phone that can be easily removed.


Mosevic has been around for a bit now, making some great looking glasses. Now they’ve done the same with their new iPhone X case.

They take several layers of denim, soak them in resin, CNC machine the shape of the case, hand finish and distress them, all before adding the finishing touches and extra hardware. Our video has a few in-progress photos that are very cool to check out.

It makes a super unique case that wears over time, just like your favorite pair of jeans.

Star Wars OtterBox

Don’t attack me for this, but technically these cases aren’t quite available yet for the iPhone X. OtterBox has released them for the iPhone 7/8 and 7/8 Plus, with the iPhone X versions expected soon.

I wanted to include them anyway, since it is currently right before the movie release, and anyone who finds this in the future will hopefully have these as a notion.

They are basically a branded version of the Symmetry cases which are both fairly slim and quite protective.


NewerTech is normally known for their Mac accessories, but the NuGuard KX case is a rugged option to protect your iPhone.

You can literally feel the cushion in the back and sides of the cases.

They come in a variety of colors, though the black and red variant is probably my favorite.


Speck’s Presidio line has grown significantly over the years.

We have a few more version of it, all offering at least 8 feet of drop protection.

A few standouts include the metallic version, the clear one, and the wallet one.

The standard Presidio Grip still reigns as one of my favorite iPhone cases for its thin design, great looks, and easy grip.

  • Price: $21.95 – $35.96
  • Link: Amazon


Vena has a couple different options, and decidedly more on the feminine side.

They have some simple two-tone cases with a heart-shaped cutout in the back, right over the Apple logo.

They have a wallet case as well, that not only can hold your cards, but pulls double duty as an adjustable kickstand.

  • Price: $8.99 – $22.99
  • Link: Amazon

PurFit Design

PurFit has a simple leather case for the iPhone that is similar to other folios we’ve looked at.

It has a unique magnetic clasp that helps keep it closed.

Inside is a few card pockets, as well as a clear one for an ID.

The outside looks more traditional with clean corners, and a two-tone black and tan leather case.


iPulse has several different options, though my favorite are the snap-on shell cases.

They are clean, simple, and can hold a few cards along the back.

They also have Aluminum buttons on the sides which makes them more akin to Apple’s leather cases.

If you like folios, they have two of those as well.

  • Price: $24.98 – $39.98
  • Link: Amazon


Another pair of more effeminate cases come from OtterBox. One that is clear with a floral pattern, and a second that is a deep marsala red.

Symmetry cases are a nice compromise in the OtterBox world, offering quite the amount of protection, while not compromising size.

  • Price: $39.95 – $49.95
  • Link: Amazon


LifeProof is generally regarded as well-built cases that offer lots of protection.

That is true here with the pair of iPhone X cases we tested out.

They assemble somewhat uniquely by coming apart into two pieces. You do need to use the included key or a coin to remove them, which is something to consider if you tend to remove it often.

I looked at both the LifeProof SLAM and LifeProof NEXT and I couldn’t decide which I liked more, but I leaned slightly towards the nice green accent in the SLAM case.


Bodyguardz cases are super durable, and use a blend of Kevlar, and their proprietary “acceleron” impact resistant material.

They have a standard snap-on shell, as well as a more active mount with an arm band.

Personally, I really like their unique green color and would have liked it incorporated throughout the design, instead of hidden away on the inside.

  • Price: $34.95 – $39.95
  • Link: Amazon


I only had heard of PureGear in terms of their HomeKit smart plug with built-in USB port.

Turns out, they make some very cool iPhone cases as well.

The DuraTek cases are quite durable, but my favorite was the glass backed model. It has a thin bumper made of Aluminum and silicone, as well as a glass back panel.

  • Price: $25.00 – $35.00
  • Link: Amazon


Rhinoshield has a modular case system known as MOD, that allows you to customize your case a bit.

Each pack comes with a bumper, and a back panel. The bumper comes apart into two pieces. You can use the bumper all by its lonesome, or you can remove the small piece of the bumper, and use the back panel with it instead. You can choose all different colors of bumpers, edges, back panels, and even the buttons.

They also have a rugged standalone bumper that looks very nice in a matte black finish.

  • Price: $17.99 – $31.99
  • Link: Amazon


If you are still looking for a wallet case, I would suggest looking at the tech21 EVO Wallet case. It has a stylish design on the cover, that can even clip into place.

Inside the front panel, there is a set of hidden card slots that are behind a magnetic flap. It is extremely well done, and is just fun to use. I love this wallet case.

They also offer a standard shell case that has lots of shock and drop protection with an emphasis on the science they use for testing their cases.

  • Price: $39.95 – $49.95
  • Link: Amazon


Karapax is a new brand from Anker that specializes in affordable iPhone cases. They are remarkably cheap, though could be considered quite stylish.

The Rise case is cool because it includes a carabiner to clip onto the adjustable kickstand.

My other favorite was the Silk, that was super soft to the touch, both inside and out.

  • Price: $8.99 – $16.99
  • Link: Amazon

That’s all (for now)

That brings us to the end of our second iPhone X case roundup. 50+ cases from 17 different brands in an assortment of varieties.

Hopefully you’ve found something unique for yourself, or as a gift.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out part one for even more great cases.

Let me know down in the comments which of these brands or cases you liked most, and which cases you’d like to see in an iPhone X case roundup part III.