Jennifer Bailey talks retail and Apple Pay in new interview

Apple’s head of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey recently spoke at the National Retail Federation conference in NYC, touching on many different topics including the growth of Apple Pay, retail, and more.

The details were brought to us from CNET Japan who was attending the event.

Bailey spoke about the significant growth of Apple Pay, which launched with a measly 3% acceptance rate, and is now at 50% here in the US. She says “It’s the world’s most accepted contactless payment technology.”

According to Bailey, iPhones offer a unique way to create a new shopping experience aided by technology. For instance, smartphones have cameras, location services, and new technology like AR that can change the way we shop.

She highlighted Warby Parker’s new application that can recommend frames using the True Depth camera system in the new iPhone X. Frames can then be purchased using Apple Pay, which means “steps to purchase can be greatly omitted.”

Wayfair was also name-dropped, highlighting their use of ARKit to show furniture right in your living room, and then being able to effortlessly purchase it through Apple Pay.

Loyalty cards, something that has showed slow adoption, was a topic of discussion as well. Apple allows retailers to bundle payments, and loyalty into a single Apple Pay tap, but so far only a few retailers have jumped on board. Kohl’s is currently one of only a few to use the technology, though more have been continuously promised.

You will need to translate the page, but you can head over to CNET Japan to read the rest of Bailey’s remarks.