Warby Parker is using iPhone X camera to measure your face & recommend glasses

iPhone X is still making its way to early adopters, but we’ve already seeing some pretty unique and surprising uses for its advanced TrueDepth camera system.

Using the phone’s facial mapping feature, Mashable reported today that an app by spectacles company Warby Parker now scans people’s faces to help narrow down their glasses selection based on what the algorithm thinks would look good.

Warby Parker has always tried to do innovative things with their eyewear shopping app.

The company even allows in-home try ons of their most popular models for free before you buy them, and in the past allowed customers to try them on digitally within the app.

The facial scanning feature is exclusive to iPhone X.

Before iPhone X, trying on glasses digitally was a bit of a miss. Currently, the app only measure your face and doesn’t take advantage of iOS 11’s ARKit framework that simplifies the creation of augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad.

Hopefully, we’ll see them enhance the facial mapping feature with much greater accuracy afforded by ARKit. If I’m shopping for glasses online, I’d be probably swayed a bit to use an app where I could try them on first through augmented reality before purchasing.

The Warby Parker app is available for free on the App Store.