Apple is now selling Velop mesh Wi-Fi systems from Linksys

AirPort Wi-Fi base stations are still being sold, but Apple is now also offering a third-party mesh Wi-Fi system from Linksys through its online and physical stores.

This is major news considering Apple used to carry only its own AirPort appliances.

Available in two-pack ($349.95) and three-pack editions ($499.95), the Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System creates a high-range Wi-Fi mesh network.

Unlike traditional routers with range extenders, like AirPorts, each node of the Velop device increases Wi-Fi range by 2,000 square feet and you can add more to grow your mesh network.

Nodes seamlessly connect to one another and utilize a single SSID and password.

The device provides controls for parents to ensure a safe Internet experience for their kids and choose devices that need the most speed. With the push of a button, you can prompt the Velop to automatically select the best channel for your device to eliminate congestion.

The included Linksys app lets you manage your mesh network, check out network status, monitor your Internet connection’s speed, solve any Wi-Fi interruptions and more.

Nodes are backed by a three-year limited warranty and tech support.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems create a form of wireless ad hoc network that’s made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology, providing cost effective and low mobility wireless networking over a specific coverage area.