Apple allegedly prepping a next-generation iPhone prototype with “pre-5G features”

Apple has reportedly begun preparing a prototype of a next-generation iPhone with preliminary support for pre-5G features, according to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes on Friday.

Naturally, Apple has not officially confirmed this rumor.

This piece of information has been inserted as a side-note into DigiTimes’ supply chain report on projected iPhone X shipments. The relevant excerpt from the article reads as follows:

Apple is also rumored to adjust its pricing for iPhone devices in early 2018 and has even started preparing a prototype iPhone with support of pre-5G features.

No further information was provided.

The wording hints Apple might future-proof 2018 iPhones with a hybrid 5G modem of sorts (commercial deployment of 5G wireless networks is expected in 2019-2020).

As we reported earlier today, the first implementable 5G wireless specification has now been finalized, paving the way for accelerated deployment. Apple has FCC’s permission to conduct 5G trials and is reportedly aiming to include a 5G-capable modem in iPhone by 2019-2020.

Apple reportedly believes that Intel’’s new modems will satisfy its requirements.