Hulu drops prices for those who subscribed to the “No Commercials” plan through iTunes

If you subscribed to Hulu’s “No Commercials” plan through your iOS device, or Apple TV, you should see a price reduction on your next bill, as the plan dropped by two dollars, from $13.99 to $11.99.

To be fair here, Hulu did used to charge those who subscribed from within their app more than if you subscribed through their website. This was to make up for the 30% cut that Apple took from in-app subscriptions.

Apple however recently changed their policy regarding in-app subscriptions, dropping their cut to only 15%. It seems that Hulu is now comfortable with pricing parity between platforms with Apple’s lower take.

This is a great time for Hulu to make the announcement as well, as Netflix has just raised prices again.

It is worth noting, that the App Store description has yet to be updated and still states $13.99, though the actual prompt in the app reflects the correct price of $11.99. The Limited Commercial plan still runs $7.99 in the app, which is the same as through Hulu’s website.

Hulu can be downloaded for free from the App Store.