Don’t forget to vote in the 2017 Jailbreak Awards

It’s that time of the year again, and avid jailbreakers who haven’t already participated in the first round of the Jailbreak Awards 2017 poll are strongly encouraged to do so.

For those who don’t already know, the Jailbreak Awards poll is a community-hosted event intended to give recognition to some of the best and worst of the jailbreak community throughout the year – in this case, that’s 2017. Anyone can participate in this poll, whether they’re a jailbreak user, developer, hacker, etc.

The poll officially opened last week, but only two days remain to cast your vote and have your opinion count toward the results. That said, the clock is ticking.

Curious about what you might find in the poll? You can expect to see the following questions:

  • Best jailbreak tweak of 2017
  • Best theme of 2017
  • Best jailbreak tweak developer of 2017
  • Best designer (tweak or theme) of 2017
  • Most promising developer of 2017
  • Most promising designer of 2017
  • Most active and positive r/jailbreak member during 2017
  • Most useless jailbreak tweak of 2017
  • Most functional jailbreak tweak of 2017
  • Best Jailbreak YouTuber of 2017
  • Best Jailbreak website of 2017
  • Best r/Jailbreak moderator of 2017

There aren’t as many options in this year’s poll as there were in last year’s, but the gist of the questions remains the same.

As always, we’d be honored to have your vote for the best jailbreak-related website and YouTuber in this year’s Jailbreak Awards poll, if the glove fits of course. To cast all of your votes, you can head over to the 2017 Jailbreak Awards poll and type in your responses.

Note: Round one of the Jailbreak Awards 2017 polling ends on December 22nd (this Friday), but round two will begin on the 27th (next Wednesday).

Have you voted in the Jailbreak Awards 2017 poll yet? Share in the comments below.