Pixelmator Pro squashes a bunch of bugs following last week’s debut on Mac App Store

The Pixelmator team released a new app called Pixelmator Pro last week.

It’s their latest and greatest machine learning-powered image editing software for Mac computers, wrapped in a beautiful one-window interface, that supports all the latest and greatest core technologies in macOS.

Today, the app received its third bug-fix update following the launch last week.

Here’s what’s new in Pixelmator Pro 1.0.3:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented using units other than pixels when changing canvas size
  • Pressing the Command-A keyboard shortcut will now select text in text fields and dialogs if they are active, instead of the entire canvas
  • Fixed an issue where Pixelmator Pro would sometimes quit unexpectedly when removing a layer while editing effects applied to it
  • Fixed an issue that caused Pixelmator Pro to quit unexpectedly when selecting brush presets
  • Fixed an issue where if the stroke layer style failed to appear when selected, Pixelmator Pro would sometimes quit unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue where using the Color Fill tool on an empty layer with preserve transparency enabled would cause Pixelmator Pro to quit unexpectedly
  • Fixed several related issues that would cause Pixelmator Pro to stop responding while painting
  • Fixed several issues that would cause Pixelmator Pro to quit unexpectedly while opening PSD files
  • Improved the overall stability of the Arrange tool

The update is provided at no charge to existing users of the app.

Built entirely with Swift, Pixelmator Pro integrates seamlessly with macOS High Sierra and supports almost every major macOS feature, like iCloud, Versions, Tabs, Full Screen, Split View, Sharing, Wide Color and others.

It supports Apple’s new HEIF image file format and lets you nondestructively edit layered Photoshop files, RAW files and photos in all the most popular formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA and JPG-2000.

With machine learning, Pixelmator Pro can do some cool things, like give descriptive names to the layers you create, straighten images intelligently using horizon detection, remove objects from your photos with stunning realism and help you make accurate selections.

My colleague Andrew will be doing a video review of Pixelmator Pro so stay tuned to iDownloadBlog to learn why Pixelmator Pro is the best Photoshop replacement on the market.

Pixelmator Pro is $59.99 on Mac App Store.