Qualcomm files 3 new suits against Apple, seeks ban on latest iPhones

Apple’s battle with Qualcomm shows no sign of slowing down. Just in the last few days Apple filed a counterclaim against Qualcomm. The company has now seemingly retaliated with three more patent claims back at Apple. Additionally, they are looking to ban the iPhone 8 and iPhone X from sale in the US.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that Qualcomm has filed three new patent infringement cases against Apple, arguing they’ve infringed on 16 patents that cover power saving modifications, photo editing, wireless bandwidth technology, and parts of the dual-camera setup.

The San Diego-based company filed the lawsuits in a San Diego courthouse on Wednesday, and plans to submit a formal complaint with the US International Trade Commission this week.

Earlier this week, Apple counter-sued Qualcomm claiming infringement in eight different patents. All having to do with power management in their mobile devices.

The new case aims to block sales of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X on the AT&T or T-Mobile networks.

As this drags out, it remains to be seen what the end result will be. Cases like this can drag out for months, and even if Qualcomm was able to get their ban, it can be overturned by the president.