Cool off your iPad with these rear mounted fans

I know what you’re thinking—there are no moving parts in my iPad such as a spinning disk drive so why would I suddenly need some loud fans, right?

But if you notice your iPad constantly overheating during the summer, you might want to add a quartet of fans right to its back with the Active Cooling Mount from X-Naut.

Do you really need it though? The short answer is, probably not.

But in actuality, this unusual accessory serves a very real purpose. Have you ever taken your iPad to the beach and gotten that frustrating warning that it’s overheated and needs to cool down before you can use it again?

That’s something drone operators and pilots who rely on their iPad to control their drone see all too often. Blame it on that large iPad display which can rapidly overheat while video-streaming or controlling drones in direct sunlight.

The more affordable option is to use a screen or hood that covers your iPad, but they can be cheap or unwieldy. X-Naut’s Active Cooling Mount easily attaches and removes from your iPad.

There are four, low-noise fans along the lefthand side which lines up with the processor and the logic board in your device. You don’t need to worry about battery life either as the mount can run directly from micro-USB or through some standard AA batteries.

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If you do happen to fall into the niche category of pilot or drone operator (or you really like reading in the sun), you can pick up X-Naut’s Active Cooling Mount for $199.

On the plus side, it is on sale through the holidays.

What do you think of this accessory?

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