Today Weather is a simple weather forecast app worthy of iPhone X’s gorgeous OLED display [sponsored]

Today Weather, a free weather app for iPhone and iPad by Vietnamese developer Tho Tran, is a perfect fir for that impressive OLED display on your iPhone X.

Weather apps are about as old as the App Store itself.

Some people like their weather forecast to be scientific and precise to a T, others like it punchy and condensed and there are those who just want it to be a visual treat. Weather Today strives to please any crowd with its simple user interface, powerful features and gorgeous design optimized for the iPhone X’s Super Retina display.

Sharp design

There are many weather apps on the App Store that tell the weather, but very few do it in a way that looks as good as Today Weather. The app’s sharp design revolves around Dark Mode-like user interface that’s easy on the eyes and simple to use.

Using vibrant colors set against a stark black background makes everything pop while helping save iPhone X’s battery life. Even if you don’t own an iPhone X, rest assured that Today Weather will take full advantage of your iPhone or iPad display.

The app’s dark interface is iPhone X battery-friendly

You can rearrange the app’s various tiled sections to make it your own, which is awesome. Today Weather doesn’t feel crammed thanks to smart design and a slide-in menu that holds your options and custom weather locations.

Easy to understand weather data

Today Weather puts the info you need to know right in front of you.

The main screen is dominated by a large header image that changes depending on the time of day and weather conditions, like in Yahoo Weather and other third-party weather apps. The app pulls relevant images from Today Weather’s Flickr account, to which you can submit your own photos if you like.

Listed right below the header image are quick readouts of your current weather situation, the basics like the day’s forecast, the current temperature, highs/lows and so forth.

Crisp typography and animated icons help illustrate your weather conditions

Scroll down for other useful pieces of information, like the actual temperature, humidity, visibility, dew point, air pressure, wind speed and direction. Swipe left and right to quickly move between the locations you’ve added to the app.

Defining custom locations in the side menu helps you get an idea of what the weather is like at your next vacation destination. There’s a 7-day forecast, too, so you’ll be sure to not get caught out when planning your days out, while air quality and UV index readings help protect your health and skin.

Today Weather’s sharing feature adds a social aspect to the weather

You’ll love the nicely laid out charts depicting sunrise, sunset and full moon, as well as the ability to share a photo of the day along with the weather forecast as an image, via Share sheet apps and services. The sharing feature adds a bit of social aspect to the weather, plus it’s customizable as you can pick a custom image from your Photos library.

Today Weather includes a handy Today widget

Next, you get a nice Today widget for your Lock and Home screens with hourly forecast for your chosen location, severe weather notifications and more. Lastly, the settings interface lets you customize the app to your liking with the ability to turn header photos on or off, switch between the supported data sources with a tap, change your name and language and more.

Various customizations are available via Today Weather’s settings interface

Notifications for sever alerts and heavy rain are really useful, and it’s great that you can customize when your daily weather brief is delivered, as well as choose your preferred units for temperature, distance, speed and pressure.

Reliable weather forecasts

The app pulls data from a variety of reliable sources, such as,, Weather Wunderground and Dark Sky (you can see current weather stats for each of the supported services in the side menu).

Today Weather pulls data from a variety of reliable sources

I can’t comment on the accuracy of weather forecasts, but I’ll say this: Today Weather seems to be just as reliable as Apple’s and Yahoo’s Weather Channel-powered apps while managing to be more informative and visually more pleasing, which is a tall order.

A perfect fit for iPhone X’s OLED display

Weather Today is an ideal fit for your iPhone X because the phone’s power-sipping OLED display loves black backgrounds. That it looks just as good on older iPhone models and works natively on iPad certainly doesn’t hurt.

It comes with a nice widget, provides useful weather alerts and radar, looks and feels slick, pulls data from four reliable sources so you can trust it, and presents weather forecasts in a clear way that’s easy to understand.

Really, what’s not to like about it?

Get it now!

Today Weather is a free download so give it a try for a feel of its design and features.

If you like what you’re seeing, you can later upgrade to the full version through the In-App Purchase mechanism to remove advertising and get premium capabilities, such as unlimited icon sets and the Radar feature. Upgrades come in the form of auto-renewable subscriptions: 3 months for just $0.99 or one full year for $1.99.

Today Weather is available at no charge from App Store.