Indian government eager to help Apple expand manufacturing in the country

A new report out of The Economic Times quoted Suresh Prabhu, India’s Commerce and Industry Minister, as saying he would be “very happy” if Apple were to expand its manufacturing presence in India, only months after Apple first starting producing iPhone SE in the country.

As companies usually do when looking for a location for a new facility, they have asked for specific benefits and concessions before they will move forward. Suresh has been willing to even call state chief ministers that are open to working with Apple on this deal.

He said:

Let us get a good proposal from them. We will be very happy to receive Apple, one of the top brands in the world. We are willing to find out if there is any difficulty they may face. We will be more than happy to resolve that difficulty. So we will await a formal proposal.

Among other concessions, Apple is looking for relaxation on the 30% local sourcing of components requirements, as well as duty exemptions on components, equipment, manufacturing and repair units, and other items related to the production of their phones.