This nifty hack can improve the audio quality of your AirPods

AirPods have been out around a year now. While customer satisfaction is high and they received rave reviews, the only mark against them is the lack of true audiophile-level audio.

Thankfully, a nifty new AirPods hack has been making the rounds on YouTube.

Though it won’t perform any miracles, it can drastically improve the quality of the sound. The trick is using those old-school foam earbud covers that came with many headphones.

See, part of the lack of audio fidelity is because of the poor seal against your ear: your AirPods may fit, stay in and be super light, but when they don’t seal a lot of the audio is lost.

Using a set of foam earbud covers, which also come in white, you can improve the seal and make your audio sound great, especially on the low end. We haven’t had a chance to try it out for ourselves, but there is a handy video that walks you through it.

There is definitely some tinkering to get it to work, like burning out holes where the sensors lie. Aside from the improvement in audio, the best part is that your AirPods still fit in their case.

Many other aftermarket solutions cause your AirPods to be too large to properly fit back in their case. If you have a pair of these foam covers lying around from yesteryear and try this out, let us know how it goes down below in the comments.