How to buy apps with iPhone X using Face ID

Among other things, Face ID lets you authenticate any purchases made in iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks Store, which permits you to buy apps and media with a simple glance.

How to buy apps with Face ID

Before you can start using this handy feature, you must make sure that the option to authenticate purchases with Face ID has been enabled in Settings.

1) Launch the Settings app on your iPhone X.

2) Tap Face ID & Passcode in the list.

3) When prompted, type in your passcode. Next, slide the switch labeled iTunes & App Store underneath the Use Face ID For heading to the ON position.

This will let you use Face ID to authenticate purchases with Apple Pay and in Apple’s content stores: iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store.

4) Now launch the iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks app on your device and navigate to a piece of content you’d like to buy, then tap its price or the Get button for free apps and content.

TIP: To abandon your purchase, tap Cancel in the app sheet.

5) When prompted to pay, double-click the Side button on the right side of the device then look at the TrueDepth camera of your iPhone X to finish the transaction.

NOTE: You might be asked to enter your Apple ID password for the first purchase you make in the iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks Store.

In a typical Apple fashion, a white vertical label pops up at the rightmost side of the screen to precisely denote where the Side button is positioned on your device. If all goes well, you’ll see Done and a checkmark displayed in the app sheet at the bottom of the screen.

On older devices, you must explicitly touch the Home button to confirm the purchase. With Face ID, you’re required to double-click the Side button before Face ID authenticates any purchases, which does a great job preventing unwanted or accidental purchases.

For consistency’s sake, the same method is used to make an Apple Pay purchase with Face ID in a store or an app: you just double-click the Side button to initiate the Face ID scan, then authenticate your Apple Pay transaction with a glance.

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