Polyjamer, Grammarly Keyboard, Da Vinci Eye, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup features a music-maker, a grammar-focused third-party keyboard and an app to help improve your drawing skills. And as always, we’ve picked two great new games for you to check out.


There are a lot of apps out there that claim to make creating music easy and even fun (trust me, I know. I’ve tried them), but Polyjamer’s unique interface and powerful tutorial feature make it worth checking out. Features include over hundred sounds, 6 style packs with various forms of music genres, 4 channel recording, and live sync so you can jam with your friends. Plus, the developers say they are going to add voice recording, online-collaboration, and much more. Polyjamer is available for free.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly’s Mobile Keyboard is the personal editor you can take with you wherever you go. With hundreds of checks and features and seamless integration, Grammarly helps you type with ease in any app. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or essential Facebook post, this third-party keyboard allows you to write from your phone with confidence. Features include contextual spelling and grammar checker, advanced punctuation correction, and more. Grammarly Keyboard is available for free.

Da Vinci Eye

Learn to draw or perfect your drawing skills with Da Vinci Eye. This app overlays an image that you want to draw over a real piece of paper using your device’s camera. If you look through your phone, while it is above your canvas, it creates a virtual projection that you can trace. This enables you to create realistic looking artwork with perfect proportions, shading, and colors. Features include customizable art size, in-app video tutorials, ability to add your own art to trace, zoom control, filters, and much more. Da Vinci Eye is available for free (with some IAPs).

Flipflip Solitaire

From the creator of Sage Solitaire comes a new Solitaire spinoff that breaks all the rules. Like it’s footwear namesake — Flipflop Solitaire is unrestrictive, creating a new game for fans of spider, klondike and other traditional Solitaires. In Flipflop you can stack down, up, or even both ways on a single stack! Need to stack an 8 on a 7, or a club on a spade? No problem! But be careful, you can only move a stack of a single suit! FlipFlop Solitaire is available for free (with some IAPs).

Card City Nights 2

Journey through a mysterious flying city called Starship Frivolity where every inhabitant is obsessed with the latest space-craze, The Card Game! Battle them to win their trust – and their cards! – and progress through the dubious laboratories, haunted docks and lethal restaurants of this space station to find out its greatest mysteries. Card City Nights 2 is available for $5.

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