Let’s Talk iOS 212: iPhone X first impressions

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Our first impressions after using iPhone X for 48 hours. If you’re tired of reading or listening to glaring and overwhelmingly positive things about iPhone X, you’re going to love this episode. Cody and Sebastien also answer questions about the new device from listeners.

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Show Notes

iPhone X overview after 48 hours

  • Design
  • Lock screen
  • Screen size
  • Gestures
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Face ID

Listeners’ questions

@preston_p12 asks: What feature(s) (software or hardware) do you believe the iPhone X is missing to be perfect?

@roaymi asks: Speaker loudness and quality, same on the X as on the 8 or better?

@conedisonflow says: talk about (without actually saying the word jailbreaking) how easy the UX is since you’ve been doing it for years.

@GuyBey0ndC00L asks: What’s your like & dislikes about the X? Also do you think it’s wrong Apple didn’t include the $1000 X with fast charging equipment in box.

@LiveLifeFor20 asks: What do y’all think of the new Samsung commercial? I ? at the notch haircut. Loving my X tho

@erolvaag asks: Does the X feel any bigger than the 6/7/8? How’s the side bezels?

@TVandenberg_  asks: Excitement aside, do the new features that the X have over the regular 8 justify the $200 plus dollar price jump for the average user?

@Bgnjpn asks: New camera, better quality pics, new format, new video high res modes…is 64GB model too small?

@thejailbre4ker asks: What would you change in the X if a jailbreak released for it?

@_conath asks: How well does (Animoji) face tracking work in different lighting conditions?

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