Ikea finally adds HomeKit support to the popular Tradfri smart lighting solution

After accidentally announcing, then detracting HomeKit support several weeks ago, Ikea have finally added this handy feature to their popular TRÅDFRI smart lights.

HomeKit integration is available as a simple update of the mobile Ikea app for iPhone.

The TRÅDFRI lights are popular for their relatively low cost. However, before the HomeKit support was added reviews were mixed. The setup process is very easy: after updating the app, it’ll generate a unique code that will allow you to add it to your HomeKit setup.

This lets you take advantage of everything HomeKit has to offer such as scheduling, automation, triggers and integration with all other HomeKit accessories, even Siri voice control.

Currently, HomeKit support is limited purely to the lights.

Dimmers, switches and other accessories are currently not supported. The TRÅDFRI lights are comparable to the Philips Hue line, but are a bit cheaper to expand.

These lights can be as low as $6.99 for a candelabra-style bulb. A traditional white LED bulb from Ikea also only costs $11.99 compared to $15 each for a Hue bulb.

Compared to Ikea, Philips recently added HomeKit support to their Hue line of dimmers and switches. To get started, you can pickup a gateway and two bulb pack for under a $100 on Amazon, or less if you are near an Ikea store.