Apple Store app is giving away Plotagraph+ image animation app

Apple is giving away the excellent Plotagraph+ image animation app for a limited time. To claim your free copy of this awesome app, a $5 value, get the Apple Store app from App Store.

Next, tap the Discover tab at the bottom of the app, then scroll down until you encounter the teaser for Plotagraph+ near the bottom of the page. Tap “Download now for free” and you’ll see the screen with basic information about the app.

Tap the blue button “Download now for free” located at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll be asked to continue redeeming your gift inside the App Store app. Tap Continue, then hit the Redeem option in the upper-left corner of the app’s page.

Once you’ve successfully redeemed your code, tap Done.

To create your first Plotagraph, tap the plus icon to choose a photo from Photos or tap the camera icon to take a new photo. You can easily create an animation track by tapping and dragging in the direction you would like the animation to move.

To mask out the area of the photo you don’t want to animate, use the Mask tool. Drag the speed bar to adjust your animation speed, then save your video to the Camera roll or share online as a looping an animated GIF or PNG.

With this iPhone and iPad app, telling your story in a fun and unique way with animated images is easy and effortless. The interface is very intuitive and there are many tools at your disposal, ranging from crop presets, eraser, anchor points and easy selection to various export presets, realtime animation speed control and support for Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity.

Claim your free copy of Plotagraph+ and let us know how you liked it in the comments.