The Twelve South CaddySack is a great way to carry your gear

Between different adapters, cords, chargers, etc, traveling can be a bit tedious. CaddySack from TwelveSouth is a stylish, elegant way to keep all your knickknacks together when you’re on the go.

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CaddySack is the latest addition to the BookBook lineup. Traditionally, BookBooks were cases for your various devices. This time, it’s a case for all your cords, adapters, and what nots.

The CaddySack has a new unique design along its spine with a shield encompassing a 12 on the bottom, and BookBook along the top. Like the other BookBook cases, it is designed to look like a vintage book. The illusion is broken when you notice the zipper, but it otherwise is pretty convincing.

Inside you have two adjustable straps on the right, three smaller elastic sections to the left, a small pocket, and a leather-adorned elastic in the spine.

The two larger adjustable straps on the right are big enough to hold a long USB-C cable and the 87W MacBook Pro power brick quite easily. Alternatively, a battery pack would fit nicely.

Along the left, I put in a few adapters, a backup pair of wired headphones, a lightning cable, and some SD cards in the pocket.

What is nice compared to the Twelve South Travel Journal, is that this is a much more manageable size to tote around. You may not fit as much, but you will fit the essentials.

I tend to bring a few more things with me than the average person. Lots of camera peripherals, several different types of cables, hard drives, and more. I was able to fit nearly everything I needed inside the totable CaddySack, and it was a breeze to carry around with my laptop.

The quality is top notch, as it always is with Twelve South, and I really found the experience better than burying them in my bag or another storage solution.

If you’re a fan of the BookBook like like I am, you can find this the CaddySack on Amazon for $49.99. As always, let us know what you think below.