Grand opening of Apple’s new Tianyi Square store is happening this Saturday

Apple through a Tuesday morning refresh of its Retail website in China announced that the newest brick-and-mortar retail store, located within the Tianyi Square shopping district, will be opening doors for business this Saturday, September 16, at 10am local time.

This was first reported by MacRumors.

Located on Zhongshan Road in the Haishu District of Ningbo in the Zhejiang province of China, the shopping district is 40 meters high, covers two million square meters and is surrounded by 22 different European-inspired buildings.

The building features a square with a musical fountain at its centre, with a 20-meter high and 60-meter wide water screen near the fountain where tourists can watch movies.

The square itself is divided into ten different sections, ranging from the supermarket, retail and electronics areas to the souvenir shops, the clothing section and more.

While it’s unclear if Apple’s upcoming store will feature next-generation design like its other high-profile outlets, I think it definitely will—especially given the shopping district’s high foot traffic and its status as one of the famous tourist attractions of Ningbo.

Image: Tianyi Square image courtesy of China Tour Advisors