Nokia health accessories have returned to Apple Online Store

Apple’s online store is again selling Nokia’s iPhone-connected health devices almost two months after the two companies reached an agreement in their patent infringement battle.

The Nokia accessories available to purchase from Apple Online Store include Body Cardio Scale, Body+ Scale, BPM+ Blood Pressure Monitor and Thermo Thermometer.

They’re all in stock and available with free shipping.

The devices were previously sold under the French brand Withings. In April 2016, Nokia acquired Withings for a reported $192 million and retired that brand last month.

Licensing disputes between Apple and Nokia across the United States and Europe led to the removal of the latter’s Withings-branded products from Apple Stores.

In May, the two companies signed a cross-license agreement which put an end to all litigation.

Under the terms of the multi-year patent agreement, Nokia will receive an upfront cash payment from Apple and additional revenues during the term of the agreement.

Nokia will also provide “certain network infrastructure products and services” to Apple.