Apple Music gains new $99 annual subscription option

It appears Apple has quietly added a new annual subscription option for its Apple Music service. TechCrunch points to the new plan, which costs just $99 for 12-months of access to the 20 million+ track library and loads of exclusive content.

This is good for a $20 savings over the standard $9.99/month plan, but Apple doesn’t make it easy to find. You have to go into iTunes or the App Store and tap on Apple ID > Subscriptions > Apple Music. It also looks like the price is only available to current users.

Of course Apple has long offered 12-month Apple Music gift cards for $99, and the $4.99/month student plan is still the cheapest. Apple Music offers on-demand access to all of your favorite songs, albums, custom playlists, exclusive videos and much more.

Source: TechCrunch