Taiwanese outlet claims there will be no delay for iPhone 8 launch

We still don’t know by how long Apple’s OLED-based iPhone 8 might be delayed. Be that as it may, a Taiwanese outlet is saying that the flagship handset is on schedule for an announcement in September alongside the iterative LCD-based iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus updates. Apple should begin selling the new iPhone range in October, the Chinese-language Economic Daily News repoted Monday.

An excerpt from the report:

The report defied previous speculations that volume production of new iPhone devices would be delayed to the fourth quarter of 2017 instead of the original schedule in August-September due to yield rate issues on production of some parts.

Contract manufacturers Foxconn Electronics, Winstron and Pegatron are allegedly hiring and training new workers in China in preparation of mass production of 2017 iPhones.

Suppliers should start ramping up production of new iPhone parts in June.

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Some of the suppliers mentioned in the report include semiconductor maker TSMC, substrate-like printed circuit board makers Zhen Ding Technology and Kinsus Interconnect Technology, as well as battery vendor Simplo Technology.

TSMC is thought to begin producing wafers for Apple-designed A11 chips on June 10 ahead of volume production in the second half of July. Zhen Ding and Kinsus should kick off volume production of related iPhone 8 components in June, added the report.

Older reports have said that the Tenth Anniversary iPhone, as it has been affectionally dubbed by the media, would be delayed because of manufacturing issues related to new components.

Concept image: iPhone X with Full Vision Display via iFanr