How to show community posts on YouTube for iOS

Back in September 2016, Google’s YouTube received its own social network of sorts with the launch of a new Community feature.

With YouTube Community, your favorite creators can better express themselves beyond video by engaging viewers using text posts, GIFs, images and more.

Those types of posts appear in a new Community section on creators’ channels and directly in viewers’ Subscriptions feed.

In this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to enable or disable posts from the YouTube community in your Subscriptions feed.

You can access community posts in two ways:

  • Creator’s channel—If your favorite YouTuber has signed up for the YouTube Community program, they’ll have a dedicated Community tab on their channel.
  • Your Subscriptions feed—Community posts from the channels you’re subscribed to will be shown alongside regular videos in your Subscriptions tab on the mobile YouTube app.

Community posts are not available in your Subscription feed on YouTube’s desktop app. You can interact with a community post by tapping the thumbs up or down icon, as well as like it or comment on it.

Early adopters of YouTube Community include the likes of John & Hank Green, AsapSCIENCE, The Game Theorists, Karmin, The Key of Awesome, The Kloons, Lilly Singh, Peter Hollens, Rosianna Halse Rojas, Sam Tsui, Threadbanger and Vsauce3.

How to enable community posts on YouTube for iPhone and iPad

1) Open the YouTube app on your iOS device.

2) Tap the Subscriptions tab at the bottom.

3) Tap a drop-down menu located near the top-left corner, then make your choice:

  • Videos only—The Subscriptions tab will display only the latest videos from any channels you’re subscribed to. This is the default setting.
  • Videos and posts—The Subscriptions tab will show the videos, as well as text posts, animated GIFs and photos from the channels you’re subscribed to.

If you’re not interested in community posts, set your Subscriptions tab to “Videos only”.

To receive push notifications on community posts, tap the bell icon on the creator’s page. You can optionally turn on or off occasional notifications about newly posted videos and other activity from your subscribed channels.

To do so, tap your profile image in the app and select Settings.

Hit Notifications and toggle the switch Subscription highlights to enable or disable alerts about new videos and other content from your favorite channels and creators.

To choose how you’d like to be notified, tap Subscriptions: Notify my via, then select Push and email, Push only or Email only.

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