3D artist Martin Hajek imagines what iPhone 8 with nearly full-screen face might look like

Dutch 3D artist Martin Hajek is behind some of the best conceptual renderings that we’ve featured here on iDownloadBlog. Recently, he teamed up with German magazine Computer Bild to do a batch of renderings for them imagining Apple’s upcoming iPhone X aka iPhone 8 aka iPhone Edition.

The images hit all the right notes, from a curved AMOLED display with no visible side bezels to an almost full-screen face with no visible chin at the bottom and a thin black strip at the top where the earpiece, sensors and the FaceTime camera are located.

His design, as you can see, is largely based on iPhone 8 rumor-mill reporting.

The renderings depict how Apple could supplant the Tenth Anniversary iPhone’s physical Home button with its software counterpart. Not unlike Android’s shortcuts at the bottom of the interface, a software Home button could be realized in the rumored function area alongside the screen bottom.

Touch ID is integrated right behind the screen.

That’s unlike Galaxy S8, which moved its fingerprint reader to the back.

The dual-camera known from iPhone 7 Plus remains, but it no longer sticks out.

Be sure to visit the source article for the full set of 36 CAD renderings, then come back here and let us know your thoughts and impressions in the comment section below.

I especially like the way both the stainless steel frame and the black strip running alongside the back’s bottom harken back to the original iPhone.

Source: Computer Bild