Nikkei: Apple places order for 70 million bendable OLEDs for iPhone 8 with Samsung

Apple has placed a huge order for seventy million bendable organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels with Samsung’s display-making arm for use in iPhone 8, Nikkei reported Monday. Apple and Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, signed a deal last year to supply 100 million OLEDs for iPhone 8. In February 2017, Apple contracted Samsung to build an additional 60 million OLEDs for a total of 160 million units in 2017.

“Apple has ordered 70 million units of OLED panels from Samsung this year, while Samsung is preparing to churn out as many as 95 million for Apple in 2017, in case demand exceeds expectations,” said David Hsieh, Senior Director at research company IHS Markit.

Many supposed iPhone 8 features from Nikkei’s report were mentioned previously:

  • 3D sensor for facial recognition as part of new biometric features
  • Active screen size: 5.2 inches
  • High price: $1,000+
  • No physical Home button
  • Waterproofing
  • Wireless charging

The 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and 5.5-icnh iPhone 7s Plus will adopt existing liquid crystal display (LCD) technology without curved screens, said the report. According to multiple rumors over the past few months, other component suppliers are expected to join Apple’s OLED supply chain in 2018, including Foxconn-owned Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display.

iPhone 8 concept via Daniel Csonth.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review