Silly rumor claims iPhone 8 will feature vertical dual-cameras and Touch ID on the back

iDropNews, a blog without a proven track record, is claiming that Apple will move its Touch ID fingerprint reader to the back of iPhone 8. Citing an unnamed source who allegedly spoke privately with a Foxconn employee, the blog made other bold claims, saying iPhone 8 would come outfitted with vertical cameras, while reiterating some of the previously mentioned features, including “iPhone Edition” branding.

The article states that reports of a glass back are incorrect as current prototypes have a metal backplate “due to the tendency glass has to shatter when dropped.”

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first reported that the next iPhone would switch to an all-glass chassis similar to the iPhone 4/4s design in order to minimize potential interference with wireless charging components.

iDropNews thinks that rumors calling for iPhone 8’s fingerprint reader to be embedded into the display itself are also wrong because that technology is still in its infancy and “hasn’t been proven to work in a way that’s secure or dependable enough for use.”

Therefore, as iDropNews would have you believe, Touch ID will be moved to the back of the device like on some Android phones.

Moreover, iDropNews explains that replacing iPhone 7 Plus’s vertical dual-lens camera setup with a horizontal one will enable better depth of field when the device is used horizontally within Apple’s rumored augmented reality headset.

Putting a dual-lens camera on the front of the device “is a necessary addition” to facilitate iPhone 8’s rumored 3D sensing camera technology, explains the publication.

As mentioned, iDropNews doesn’t have an established track record so take their report with a grain of salt. Only time will tell if iPhone 8 will sport vertical cameras and Touch ID on its back and, if so, how those features might benefit users.


iPhone 8 concept by Benjamin Geskin for iDropNews

Source: iDropNews