YouTuber builds his own red iPhone 7 with black front

When Apple unveiled its new iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition with vibrant red aluminum finish, some people who have been expecting an all-black front face, like yours truly, were left disappointed.

I’ll be the first to admit that a red iPhone with a black screen would look way better than the white bezel.

YouTuber Danny Winget aka JerryRigEerything took it upon himself to build his own Frankenstein red iPhone with a black bezel using a full screen replacement, and the results look fantastic.

Danny provides step-by-step instructions for those who’d build their own black screen (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7. Give it a quick watch below before you hit us in comments.

“You will lose the water resistance if you do it yourself,” he noted.

The only problem is the white Home button on the red iPhone. That’s because Apple for security reasons doesn’t allow Home button swaps, but it’s pretty simple to cover up with a skin or sticker, as Danny himself notes.

Will Apple offer this version in the future, do you think?

Source: JerryRigEerything