Apple may have removed limitations on its price matching program

Apple has a lesser-known program which lets would-be buyers get some of its latest products at a discount. The Cupertino firm used to match up to ten percent off a product’s original list price from authorized retailers, under certain conditions, but that ceiling is reportedly no longer in effect, as per an Apple store employee on Reddit.

Customers can now allegedly price match further.

As a bonus, the iPhone maker will even match promotions that include physical iTunes or Apple Store gift cards from retailers like Costco or Best Buy (but not Amazon).

A Redditor who claims to have worked in Apple retail for eight years explains that just because the company does not advertise its price matching program doesn’t mean customers cannot take advantage of the offer.

You’ll need to tell a store employee about buying from another reseller in order to be potentially offered a discount. “They used to be really up tight about it, requiring the employee to get manager approval but in recent years have loosened it up to allow any employee to give up to a ten percent discount on their own,” said that person.

As mentioned, Apple now seems to be removing their limitations on price matching.

“Apple’s policy was that they might not win on price but they certainly wouldn’t lose,” explained the person. “Sounds like they might be getting more aggressive.”

Your mileage may vary and with Apple being Apple, don’t be surprised if a store employee tells you flatly that they don’t price match.

Other Reddit users said Apple doesn’t price match unless an authorized retailer runs a store within ten miles and has available stock that shows on its website.

The store employee who took to Reddit to share this news claims Apple’s management informed its retail army of the change in price matching policy this morning.

Source: Reddit