Apple Park glows to life in new 4-minute drone flyover footage

YouTubers Matthew Roberts and Duncan Sinfield usually publish their monthly drone flyovers of Apple’s new headquarters around the same time. This time around, Sinfiled took the time to edit a longer birds-eye overview of Apple Park, which opens in April. Sinfield’s video arrives a week following Roberts’ aerial clip of Apple’s massive new office building.

Running four minutes and six seconds long, filmed using DJI’s Inspire 1 Pro drone and put together using dynamic editing techniques, the video shows off the stunning progress made on the main 280,000 sq ft ring-shaped building which is set to accommodate over 13,000 employees, as well as a new research and development building and many other impressive details.

The video gives us a closer look at the solar panels, which are still being installed on the main building’s roof. We can also see the nearly completed solar panel installations on the rooftops of vehicle garages.

The entire building will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

75 percent of total power requirements will be delivered via a micro-grid installation capable of producing 17 megawatts of power from solar alone, with Bloom Energy-provided fuel cells similar to those installed at the North Carolina data center providing the rest of the power needed to operate the facilities.

Enjoy Sinfield’s March 2017 Apple Park update in the video below.

Apple continues to plant trees, including drought-resistant trees in the center of the main building. Landscaping work at the maintenance facility is now visible, too. At the moment, the most polished facility is the secure research and development building.

How do you like the latest birds-eye overview of Apple Park form Sinfield?

Source: DuncanĀ Sinfield on YouTube