Twitter announces three new features to curb abusive content

In a series of announcements today, Twitter said that its users will soon have a trio of new features at their disposal aimed at helping curb abusive content on the service. Users will soon be able to take additional actions to help stop the creation of new abusive accounts, search results will be safer than before and the system will be able to identify and collapse potentially abusive replies so that the most relevant tweets are brought forward.

For starters, those who have been permanently suspended from posting on Twitter because they harassed other users will no longer be able to create new accounts. Twitter didn’t explain how it would distinguish repeat offenders from those who follow the guidelines and obey the rules.

Additionally, the company will optionally remove sensitive content and tweets from blocked and muted accounts from cluttering search results on the web.

Lastly, Twitter said that it would soon start collapsing potentially abusive and low-quality replies on the service. The official wording—”these tweet replies will still be accessible to those who seek them out”—indicates this is likely going to be an opt in.

Today’s improvements are in addition to November’s update which brought out an expanded Mute filter and a more direct way to report hateful conduct on the micro-blogging service. Twitter says that they’ll be rolling out the three newly announced product improvements in the days and weeks ahead, with some changes being visible “and some less so”.

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Source: Twitter